Watch the first footage from the Alcatraz finale, including its big homage to the Bullitt car chase!

Alcatraz is headed towards its season finale, and the cast and crew came to WonderCon to reveal what we can expect from the final three episodes. They promised big answers, key confrontations, a new spin on cinema's most iconic car chase, and more!


The panel kicked off with a reel of new footage, which you can check out above. It shows some glimpses of Tommy Madsen's attempts to reunite with his less than welcoming family, with both his now much older brother (Robert Forster) Ray threatening to kill him if he goes near Rebecca again, while Rebecca's attempt to bring Tommy to justice ends with her saying she will shoot her own grandfather if he tries to escape. The big preceding car chase is the show's big homage to Steve McQueen's Bullitt, and they said they reused many of the exact same San Francisco locations used in the original film. (Our sibling site Jalopnik had more on this earlier this week.)

The panel offered some more hints for the finale. Showrunner Jennifer Johnson said we will meet a major new character who is in league with Warden Gordon James (Johnny Coyne). The character shows up in the two-part finale that runs two weeks from now, and he is teased as "the character behind the warden story." Both Johnson and Coyne promised an "important wink" from the warden in episode twelve, and it's entirely possible the warden is still alive and kicking here in the present day.

When asked if Tommy's blood is the source of the Silver, Jennifer Johnson said all the questions about the Silver will be answered in the season finale. The show will reveal a lot about the blood, its origins, what it means to the larger picture, and who the source of it is - which should make it clear whether Tommy is the source or not.

Fellow showrunner David Pym also discussed the nature of the other inmates we haven't seen yet. He pointed out that the notion that the inmates are all coming back one at a time is "optimistic", and that there are almost certainly more inmates lurking out there keeping a lower profile. What's more, he suggested, "the longer they're back, the harder they are to find," suggesting the biggest threats still lie ahead.

The producers also teased that there will be more insight into the relationship between Lucille and Hauser, and that we will see more of how young Hauser is so radically different from what we see now in Sam Neill's character. The producers suggested that these upcoming revelations about Hauser's past will paint Sam Neill's character in a far more tragic light. The final few episodes will also bring back a bunch of returning prisoners from earlier in the season, starting in this Monday's episode and then bringing back more in the two-part finale.


Jennifer Johnson and David Pym said the finale will answer the big questions posed throughout the season, but they intend to finish things off by asking even bigger questions. One of those big new questions, according to Johnson, was whatever happened to Rebecca's parents - a question that Tommy will ask in the finale and not get a straight answer to. She also said that the season will end on a big cliffhanger, the show's uncertain renewal chances notwithstanding.



The only two question I really want to know the answer to are who is sending them back and why!

I'll probably have to wait until the show doesn't get picked up for a second season, and the creators and/or writers, having come to the conclusion Alcatraz is never coming back (I know, I know..horrible pun), will post online all the answers we never got to see....