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Watch the first 8 minutes of Fox's Almost Human right now

Illustration for article titled Watch the first 8 minutes of Foxs emAlmost Human/em right now

Future Karl Urban hates robots, HE JUST HATES THEM. So imagine his anger when he's paired with an android partner, on J.J. Abrams new show Almost Human. Which you can now watch eight minutes of right here, right now (unless you live in the UK).


Urban's character and Michael Ealy's robot cop have pretty good sparks right away, as they try to get along despite their differences. Check out the introduction on Hulu right now. (Sorry if it's locked out of your region)

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Angrier Geek

You say it's about a cop in the future who hates robots and ironically has a robotic limb? Hmmm, you don't say....