Watch the first 3 minutes of the new season of True Blood

The TV Gods have blessed us this holiday, with the first three minutes from the new season of True Blood. And yes, it's even better than we suspected! Journey back to the vaseline-lensed, Fern Gully porno fairyland! Spoilers ahead.

First up, hooray for the return of Barry the Fairy! Of course his fairy godmother is a dude and of course True Blood actually has fairy, fairy godmothers! Because that's ridiculous. And ridiculous lives in-between the frames of this wonderful TV program, which gave us office work with Jason Stackhouse, licking giant ostrich eggs, and cutting Tara's hair.

Thank goodness Sookie was crass enough to tell her godmother that she's just truly shit at her job. Seriously. She should have her light wings ripped off by a cruel giant toddler. Moving on!


Whilst everyone starts chomping away on the magical light fruit, Sookie's Persephone powers start a-tingling. Clearly the fruit has been mind-wiping all the fairy human folk, hence Sookie's grandpa being stuck in this horrible dream world for 20 years! BUM BUM BUUUUMMMMM! What an exciting and intriguing thing to happen. Can the rest of the episode be about naked Eric? Please?

True Blood's 4th season starts on June 26.

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I love that they went so hokey with the fairy business because if you've read the book series you know that the fairies are anything but light, airy, and foofy.

So it'll be fun when the show has to completely rip this facade apart and show them in all their completely evil and deadly nature.