Watch the first 14 minutes of Syfy's Defiance right now

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We've seen the first three episodes of Syfy's new space Western Defiance, but now it's your turn. Check out the first 15 minutes of the post apocalyptic series and let us know what you think right here, right now. Is this an interesting Father/Alien Daughter story or just a bunch of people with powdered wigs running around? Will you watch?

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Looks like a good series so far. Yeah, the singing went on a little too long, but it was okay. The raider attack on the wreckage was pretty obvious. It is standard writing practice not to let the good guys walk away from a treasure hunt without being accosted by some baddie. And, of course, during the ensuing fire fight escape, one of them always has to be hit. I really wish they would stop doing that in shows. It's too predictable. As for the St. Louis location at the end, the mountains don't make any sense. It doesn't matter how much terraforming occuring on the planet, it wouldn't have caused mountains to suddenly spring up like that. Previous to that scene, they had a shot of the Grand Canyon (no greenery) with the energy wall in it ~without~ the St. Louis arch location past it. Then we cut to the wall opening and the location looks totally different to the Grand Canyon scene. So, that was a big screw-up.