Watch the fireball that streaked across the San Francisco skies last night

It wasn't nearly as dramatic as the fireball that exploded over Russia yesterday, but last night the San Francisco Bay Area saw its own light show last night when a meteor streaked across the night sky.


NBC Bay Area reports that the fireball was spotted at approximately 7:45 pm last night, with reports coming in from as far south as Gilroy and as far north as Fairfield. Astronomers at Oakland's Chabot Space and Science Center say the meteor is unrelated to the passing Asteroid 2012 DA14, but was likely an ordinary sporadic meteor. This one just happened to come on the heels of the Russian fireball and was captured on dashboard cam by YouTube user caiden915x while heading south on I-280.

Watch: Fireball Streaks Across Bay Area Sky [NBC Bay Area]



You all know what it really was…