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Watch the Extended Godzilla Trailer and Know Bryan Cranston's Horror

Illustration for article titled Watch the Extended emGodzilla/em Trailer and Know Bryan Cranstons Horror
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Warner Brothers just dropped a new, extended trailer for Godzilla. Some of this footage we've seen before, but a decent chunk of it is brand spanking new – including the first publicly released glimpse into why Bryan Cranston's character is so very, very angry.

A minute-long TV spot was also released yesterday, giving us still more views of Godzilla wreaking havoc:

The more we see of this movie the more excited we get. May 16th can't come soon enough.


Oh, and while we're all here, check out the maw on the beastie at the 2:15 mark:


It's only a quick glimpse, but I'm 99% sure that's not Godzilla. We know there will be other Kaiju in the film, though who those monsters are, exactly, remains to be seen; we've taken apart previous trailers frame by frame in search of answers, and we've come up with a few ideas – but I'm fairly certain this is the first we've seen of these jaws, specifically.

Any thoughts?


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I'm going to be really disappointed in this movie if that dog survives by jumping into a maintenance exit in a freeway tunnel.