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Watch the Excellent Trailer for RZA's Live Scoring of The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

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Music and film fans in Austin and Los Angeles are getting a real treat in the next few weeks. Legendary music guru RZA is performing a live, hip-hop score to the classic kung fu film The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, and the trailer is here.


RZA will perform the live score three times, twice in Austin and once in LA, and tickets are available here. Check out the trailer.

If you’re scratching your head over the connection here, let us give you a quick, super basic refresher. RZA is one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan, a rap group who chose names based on their favorite old school kung-fu films. Its first album, 1993's Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers), is not only named after this film, but is filled with references to it. In subsequent years, RZA went on to add music to films, such as Kill Bill, and this collaboration is just the latest.


Even if you can’t make one of the events, this 45 seconds is nothing but pure awesome. More info at


Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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I love Wu Tang and I love Shaw Bros. kung fu, but I was disappointed that the trailer was just clips of 36th Chamber and Bring da Ruckus playing.

Guess I was expecting an original score of some kind?