Watch the Eighth Doctor Totally Nail the Twelfth Doctor's Epic Doctor Who Speech

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The Twelfth Doctor’s barnstorming speech about the horror of war in “The Zygon Inversion” is already being hailed as the breakout moment of Peter Capaldi’s tenure on Doctor Who. But like most things Doctor Who related, it’s just as delightful, if not moreso, when the Eighth Doctor himself gets to deliver it.


Paul McGann was a guest at Megacon in Orlando last month, and as Doctor Who fans are wont to do when it comes to Doctors past, during a Q&A session someone asked the actor he’d like to take a crack at Capaldi’s huge speech. And being the eminently wonderful Paul McGann, he offered a completely different take than Capaldi’s, but one that was still incredibly compelling.

Gone is the seething rage of Capaldi’s speech, but McGann still embodies a sense of world-weariness at the prospect of death and destruction that strikes true for a Time Lord who had to directly live through the opening of the terrible war that engulfed his people and the Daleks. It’s clearly off the cuff from someone who’d not seen the material before and surprisingly mellow—but at the same time, if you’ve been listening along to the actor’s excellent run as the Doctor in Big Finish’s audio dramas, totally spot on for this incarnation of the Doctor. Here’s Capaldi’s rendition, for comparison:

Wonderful stuff, regardless of who’s saying it. That said, can we just have more McGann on TV as The Doctor right now, pretty please? Stuff like this just almost feels like teasing.


[Via the Radio Times]

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I would love to see Paul McGann return as the 8th Doctor for a proper televised adventure. Wouldn’t it be great to see Capaldi’s 12thDoctor and the 8th Doctor team up in the grand tradition of throwing two Doctors together and seeing what happens. It’d be nice if Paul could return to Doctor Who as part of the 20th anniversary of the 96 TV Movie.