Watch the Doctor and Clara invade the orchestra at the Doctor Who Prom

This weekend, the BBC held one of its Doctor Who Proms, a concert in which an orchestra performs musical selections from the television show. Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman were on hand an in character to appreciate the music.


It's a rather cute segment, especially when Clara notices the Doctor is missing a good bit of his hair. But we also get some great spectacle when Strax and the Cybermen show up for the musical accompaniment to the "I am the Doctor" speech.

Doctor Who Prom [BBC]


This was held in Britain, no? With all due respect to our Brit friends across the pond, why does it always seem like british audiences are never uber excited by these cameos and bits that they've done/do for Doctor Who?

I recall Matt showed up, in character, for that charity thing a few months back and reaction to his particular brand of 'The Doctor' comedy felt kind of lukewarm; more polite applause and laughter then genuine enthusiastic applause and laughs.

I can't help but feel that if this set up with the Prom had happened here in the States (like at Comic-Con or in New York and such) the reaction from American Whovians would have been far more audible and enthused. Even Clara would have gotten more excitement.