Although it just aired on the channel earlier today, HBO has put all of Game of Thrones Season 5: A Day in the Life up on the show's Youtube channel. It's a single day of filming for the show, spanning Croatia, Northern Ireland, and Spain. Spoilers, in the form of speculation, below.


While we see them build a fishing village, spend a little bit of time with Daenerys doling out some justice, and a fair amount of Spain-as-Dorne. A large chunk of action scenes from season five are at the end of the video, starting with what looks like showing off the fight of the sand snakes — that definitely looks like the armor we've seen. We also see part of another major scene — which the video warns took twelve days to shoot — in what looks like more from the Meereen arena we saw in this set of very-spoilery images and in the trailer. And a shot of a battle in the North, with Jon Snow in the thick of everything, which we also saw bits of in the trailer.

But, around the 16-minute mark, we also see the Cersei going to see the High Sparrow, who was noticeably missing from the trailer. It looks like episode three will have those two actually meet, and Jonathan Pryce looks pretty great! And Cersei seems very determined.

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