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Watch the complete and uncut edition of the sleaze sensation Italian Spiderman

As far as I'm concerned, there is only one true Spider-Man, and that is Alrugo Entertainment's Italian Spiderman.

In this 40-minute, pitch-perfect parody of 1960s action flicks like Danger: Diabolik and bootleg superhero flicks like 3 Dev Adam and Indian Superman, the Italian Spiderman (a superhero with absolutely no arachnid powers or relationship to Peter Parker) must drink, smoke, womanize, and murder his way to justice. If he fails at his mission, the villainous Captain Maximum will conquer the globe with a mysterious asteroid!


Italian Spiderman was initially released in 2007 as a series of web shorts, but Will Spartalis, the film's co-writer and composer, has recently posted the full-length, unedited cut on the internet. If you've never seen Italian Spiderman, you really owe it to yourself.


This film is filthy with surfing contests, dance parties, psychedelic freak-outs, no-budget special effects, and invented-on-the-spot superpowers. The folks behind Italian Spiderman later worked on Danger 5, a pulpy World War II send-up for Australian television that is also worth checking out.

Semi-related: Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man go on an unauthorized adventure with the Indian superhero Nagraj.

[Spotted on Dangerous Minds]


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"the Italian Spiderman must drink, smoke, womanize, and murder his way to justice."

Guys, I'm not sure, but I think I am the new Italian Spider-man!