Before the Sailor Moon anime series made its way onto North American TV sets, someone had the bright idea to create a half live-action, half-animated Sailor Moon show for American audiences. The proof-of-concept is a horrifying mix of bad song lyrics, cheesy dancing, and much grabbing of floppy hats.

The premise was that Serena and her compulsively dancing crew of sidekicks would be filmed in live-action, only to switch over to Western-style animation when they transformed into the Sailor Scouts. Even the cats apparently get live-action and cartoon counterparts. On the plus side, the Sailor Scouts ride around space on windboards with crescent moon shaped sails. (I can only imagine the conversation that led to that: "Why is she called Sailor Moon if she never does any actual sailing?") On the minus side, oh god, why won't they stop dancing?


Somewhere there allegedly exists a 17-minute proof-of-concept pilot. I suspect it resembles American television as created by someone who has only ever been told about Saved by the Bell and Blossom.

The (Sorta) Live-Action American 'Sailor Moon' Show That Never Was [ComicsAlliance]