Illustration for article titled Watch the Cast of emDave Made a Maze/em Try to Save Their Friend from His Own Bizarre Creationem/em

A few weeks back, we got the first look at loopy fantasy comedy Dave Made a Maze. If the trippy premise and lo-fi special effects left you wanting to know more, peep this exclusive clip that shows the start of the movie’s journey to the center of the perf... oration.

In the new teaser, Dave’s girlfriend Annie (Meera Rohit Kumbhani) is all ready to step into the weird papercraft mystery all by herself, but a gang of friends isn’t about to let that happen. I really like the low-budget, improvisatory vibe given off by this segment, and hope that Dave Made a Maze has a lot more goofiness up its sleeve when it comes out on August 18.

Video games. Comic books. Blackness.

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