The pilot episode of Da Vinci's Demons gave us a ridiculous robotic bird and some crazy fireworks sex. This episode, however, we stepped back toward the technologically plausible when Leonardo devises a weapon to defend his beloved Florence.

Last night's episode was greatly improved by the introduction of Blake Ritson as Count Girolamo Riario, nephew of the pope and one of the minds behind the Pazzi conspiracy. (aamadis points out in the comments that Riario does make an appearance at the end of the pilot, but now he's joining the folks in Florence) He's a charming antagonist and gives Tom Riley's Leonardo more to work off of as he's chewing the scenery. And the rotating cannon he invents is a nice nod to Leonardo Da Vinci's real weapons of war.


Also, STARZ has shown us we'll be getting a bit of horrific violence along with the cable-approved nudity.

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