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Watch the bloody Piranha 3D footage that was banned from TV

Illustration for article titled Watch the bloody Piranha 3D footage that was banned from TV

Piranha 3D might not have made huge waves at the box office, but maybe if the networks were bold enough to run these smutty ads, it would have done better. Check out the promo that was too hot for TV.


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According to Blastr, here are a few of the comments/problems that the CW and FOX had with the commercial. Which just so happen to be all the things we love. You can never have enough bloody dry humping and thongs.

CW COMMENTS: Make sure the beer bottle in guy's hand is generic or paint over.

Please cover up more of the breast area of the woman on left who comes up out of the water with the other girl.

Need to lose the shot of woman in thong doing dry humping/grinding motion on top of the other girl with thong. Obviously, both of these women's naked-thonged butts are facing the camera and as I would say to add coverage to their butts, we just need to lose this shot all together. Now, this shot is in super low res so I don't have great detail on the white t-shirted girls, but just in case... for the woman facing the camera, we need to make sure we cannot see any nipple protrusion, that this t-shirt is NOT "wet" or that there is any breast jiggling.

Please make sure girls on stage have enough coverage on their butts (like the one to the far right as we do see the side of her).


Please lose "titties," and "Pissed."

Comments to specific frames:
At 00:08 - please crop this shot or cover the woman's breasts more in this shot. (scene with the 2 woman coming up to the surface from underwater)

At 00:09 - Please lose this shot (woman in thong on all fours with other woman behind her in grinding motion)

At 00:11 - If, in this shot in higher definition, we can see any of the women's nipples through their shirts, this shot will be problematic. (close-up of woman's breast area in wet t-shirt)

At 00:15 - please lose this shot, crop it or provide more coverage on the woman's rear end on the far right. (the scene with women in white t-shirts on stage)

At 00:24 - Please lose this shot (woman in black 'peace' bikini with blood splattered on her body & face)


But this isn't the first time Piranha 3D has been banned. They were even kicked to the curb at San Diego Comic Con for trying to show this particular footage:

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[Top video via Ryan Seacrest, no seriously]

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"...we need to make sure we cannot see any nipple protrusion, that this t-shirt is NOT "wet" ..."

So if they don't mean literally 'wet', what exactly is "wet" a euphemism / placeholder for?

[and yeah, those comments pretty much eviscerate the only appeal the movie is going to have to audiences - ok, other than the campy over-the-top gore of course.]