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It’s the worst nightmare you probably didn’t know you had. That your thoughts are no longer your own. In Listening, a new indie movie, the ability to read minds has been invented—and, as you’d expect, it doesn’t go particularly well.


In an exclusive clip from the film, which hits on demand and select theaters September 11, you’ll see a bit of how specifically things don’t go well. The people who invent the tech are quickly sucked up by the government and to protect their new discovery, the powers that be hire people to listen to the thoughts of every single employee. Check out this clip, called “The Red Room.”

That paranoia, as if you can’t even think the wrong thing, is sprinkled all across Listening and those are the best parts of the film. Beyond that though, the film - written and directed by Khalil Sullins - suffers slightly from getting bogged down in the character’s personal relationships. Those are nowhere near as interesting as the amazing technologies the characters invent to create telepathy. When it does focus on the science, tech and thriller aspects though, it’s a nice little film.


Listening is out September 11.

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