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Watch the Beautiful, Sweeping End Credits Sequence for Aquaman Online

From the Aquaman end credits.
From the Aquaman end credits.
Image: Warner Bros

Watching the end credits to a movie might seem like an odd endeavor. But most end credits sequences aren’t this incredible to look at, either.


Created by VFX firm Filmograph, these credits feature a colorful, massive series of CG dioramas of Aquaman’s operatic ocean setting. This weekend, Filmograph posted the sequence on their website, with a blurb saying, “Distinctly integrated cartographic vernacular and a range of complementary, compass-based designs were incorporated into the sequence in an effort to emphasize the documented past of the kingdoms; these, combined with meticulously-crafted frozen action moments – as if suspended underwater – allowed us to craft this uniquely engaging cinematic experience.”

Check it out.


Now if only they had gone with a slightly more exciting soundtrack...

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lochaber, guillotine enthusiast

I have almost zero interest in this movie - I might watch it if it pops up on netflix or something and I don’t feel like watching anything else, but other then that...

would this be worth watching for someone who hasn’t seen the movie? is it worth watching at all? or just if I actually get around to watching the full movie someday...