We've kept Derek Van Gorder and Otto Stockmeier's short movie C: 299 792 km/s on our radar, after they announced they would be making a space picture without ANY green screen or CG. So take a look at the ultra slick opening scene, made with miniatures and practical FX. You can practically feel the hard metallic texture of those spaceships.

Here's the synopsis:

This film is the story of an idealistic flight officer who hijacks her spaceship during an interplanetary cold war, and attempts to escape our solar system in search of other habitable worlds. However, when a small group of soldiers led by Second Lieutenant Kai provide unexpected resistance, Malleck's master plan is threatened. A compelling sci-fi action/drama about one woman's vision for the next logical step in human development: the leap from interplanetary to interstellar colonization.

C proposes a space-age manifest destiny in the shadow of extinction. In an era where science and technology are too often vilified, we believe that science-fiction should inspire us to surpass our limits and use the tools available to us to create a better future for our descendants.


Can't wait to see what's next.

[via Twitch Film]