Watch the Bárðarbunga Eruption From Inside the Volcano

Iceland's Bárðarbunga eruption has unleashed a huge quantity of lava — enough to create a landmass the size of Manhattan. What would it be like to watch that terrifying explosion from inside the volcano's cone? Now you can see for yourself.


Check out those splashes of lava breaking on the volcanic shores, just like a wave on a rock!

Or this shot of lava threatening to bubble out over the sides of the volcano, like a pot left too long on the stove:

Here's the whole video, as shot via drone by Eric Cheng of camera drone manufacturers, DJI. Cheng explains in a making of video that getting the footage resulted in a melted camera face. The SD card, however, survived, giving this footage possibly the most legit claim to the phrase "face-meltingly awesome" ever.

Video: Eric Cheng / DJI



So glad someone videoed that. I flew over Holuhraunseldar a week ago at low altitude and it was utterly hypnotic watching the lava slopping around with these three enormous fire fountains rising and falling, splattering against the inside of the cone. But it's impossible to describe adequately, the scale and colour just don't come across in words.

I was able to take some photos through the plane window - here:………

But most of the time my jaw was firmly on the floor at the most awesome thing ever.