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Watch the assembly of the James Webb Space Telescope — live via Webb cam!

Illustration for article titled Watch the assembly of the James Webb Space Telescope — live via Webb cam!

Bad puns aside, this is actually pretty cool. NASA has set up two webcams in the cleanroom of Goddard Space Flight Center, where engineers are busy assembling the James Webb Space Telescope — the deep space imaging apparatus that will allow us to see farther into space than ever before.


The cameras update every sixty seconds, so we're not talking live, streaming video; but tune in between 8:00 and 16:30 EST Monday through Friday, and you're liable to spy some activity. According to NASA:

One piece of hardware you can keep an eye out for is the flight ISIM Structure, a large, black, square, "latticed" box. This structure will hold Webb's science instruments and will sit behind the 6.5 meter mirror. The test versions of several of our instruments are also sometimes visible in the cleanroom.


I really hope these snapshots are being catalogued somewhere. That way, in the future, somebody can go through and create a time-lapse of the JWST's assembly. That would just rule.

[Via NASA]
Top image by David Higginbotham via NASA

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I read the headline as the "James Watt" space telescope and thought of Reagan's secretary of the interior. If you know what I am talking about then you are old and your mind has been blown. Like me.