Watch the Artist Behind the Snowpiercer Saga Bring the Train to Life

A master at work.
Gif: Titan Comics

You might be more familiar with Snowpiercer in its 2013 film or even upcoming TV series forms, but if you didn’t know, those are actually based on a series of French graphic novels, Le Transperceneige—and a prequel is just about to hit shelves.


While each volume of Le Transperceneige, which first began in 1982, has been written by different authors (including Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand, and Olivier Bocquet), each volume in the French sci-fi classic has been illustrated by Jean-Marc Rochette. Now, Rochette is back in the world of the icy post-apocalypse and its tiered, train-bound society for a prequel series called Snowpierecer: Extinction, being published in English by Titan Comics—and io9 has an exclusive look at the artist at work.

Set before the events of the original Le Transperceneige, Extinction, featuring art by Rochette and written by Matz, will finally show readers the apocalyptic events that not just lead to the new Ice Age, but the dire circumstances that lead to the creation of the Snowpiercer itself in the first place.

Snowpiercer: Extinction hits shelves next Wednesday, September 25.

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