Watch The Apocalyptic Short Movie That China Tried To Ban

This short film, "Hong Kong Will Be Destroyed In 33 Years," has become a huge hit on Youtube in the past month, racking up over 600,000 views. But don't try and search for it on the Chinese video search service Baidu — it's been removed.


According to the blog Fei Chang Dao, search results for "33 Years" were being suppressed on both Baidu and the web search engine Sina Weibo. This came after Chinese propaganda authorities ordered the deletion of "video, text, etc. that advocates the short sci-fi film about Hong Kongers 'saving themselves' titled Hong Kong Will Be Destroyed in 33 Years."

The actual short film is pretty zany — it's a broad satire on apathy and mindless acceptance of the status quo in Hong Kong. Everybody learns that a meteorite will destroy the city 33 years from now, and at first nobody much cares — they want to sit around watching Armageddon on television instead. People worry about how this will affect the stock market, or fret that the market hasn't gone down enough in response. But after a couple decades, the city empties out — and then Hong Kong starts working on a way to stop the destruction. (Oh and director Wong Kar Wai has a cameo!)


But as the Diplomat points out, there's a clear political message here: 33 years from now is 2047, the year when Hong Kong stops having separate laws from mainland China. At that point, Hong Kong can change its political system to a copy of China's. And some Hong Kong residents feel that the mainland has already been packing the former British colony with mainlanders, to try and rig the elections leading up to that date.

[via Online Censorship in China]

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Alice in Frankenstein

Speculation is healthy, and clearly the authorities are threatened by it. A lot can happen in 33 years. Bravo for digital media amateurs going viral and keeping discussion alive.