Watch the amazing, fantastic and stupendous pilot of Steven Universe

Rebecca Sugar is the powerhouse writer and musician behind many of the best Adventure Time episodes, and now she has her own show, Steven Universe! And you can watch the entire pilot, right here, right now. Do it. It's amazing.


Behold the Crystal Gems, a gang of female superheroes and their buddy Steven, who isn't allowed to be in the gang until his gem is activated (but even then we're not sure they would let him join in the crime-fighting right away). This adorable dynamic is complimented by the great style and supremely witty storytelling. This is our new show.

Edit: The original video disappeared! I’ve replaced it with another, and if that goes out, try here. And if that goes out, at least here are some screen shots and a synopsis.

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For those still looking. I loved it. Look quickly for the three doughnuts and one hotdog gag. Funny, well animated and the story is well paced and has a logical but unexpected ending.

I'm in.