Say what you want about the Men in Black franchise, or more pointedly its newest installment Men in Black: International, but one thing has always been true: The aliens have always been amazing.

From Rick Baker’s Oscar-winning creatures and make-up in the 1997 original, all the way through to the blend of performance capture and practical effects in the 2019 version, Men in Black has always set the bar for weird, wonderful aliens. The new film is now available to stream digitally, and hits Blu-ray September 3—so to celebrate, io9 has this exclusive look at one of the featurettes included in the behind the scenes material for the film, taking a closer look at the VFX that went into bringing International’s alien beings to life.


Come for the effects. Stay for Kumail Nanjiani mocapping opposite Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth. It’s delightful.


While I personally wasn’t a fan of this latest film, Beth really seemed to enjoy it—and clips like this show that no matter what your feelings are on a film, there’s always something to appreciate, even if the final product isn’t to your liking.

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I remain convinced that the best move it so cross it over with the 21 Jump Street franchise, make Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum the stars, and let Lord & Miller direct. Fuck, bring back Johnny Depp as Tom Hanson and reveal him to be an alien. Or something. Go nuts.