Watch the Agents of SHIELD Cast and Crew Say Goodbye Ahead of Tomorrow's Finale

Time to finally, actually, retire Agent Coulson.
Time to finally, actually, retire Agent Coulson.
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September 2013. Comic book fans were still reeling over the fact that Marvel had done the impossible, linking multiple movies into an event film like no other, The Avengers, and starting a whole new story with Iron Man 3. Plus, it seemed like it was going to continue on TV with a new show called Agents of SHIELD.


Of course, seven years later, we now know that didn’t quite go according to plan. While the inclusion of Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson (and a few other cameos) connected the show to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, eventually the two mediums simply couldn’t find harmony. The movies went one way, the show went another, and both were better off for it.


Now it’s August 2020 and on Wednesday night, Agents of SHIELD will air its two-hour series finale. To celebrate, the show’s cast and crew waxed poetic about their experiences in the below video. Check it out.

As the relationship between Marvel and television starts to reinvent itself in all sorts of ways, it’ll always be nice to remember that, for seven years, this cast and crew went all out, creating a show that was rarely the highest-rated, but always well-done and passionate.

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I am SO not ready for THIS particular ride to be over!