Watch the 2012 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony live, here on io9!

As of this posting we are just half an hour away from the start of this year's Ig Nobel Awards Ceremony. Don't know what the Ig Nobels are? Go educate yourself. Then come back here to watch the festivities, live.

The ceremony itself kicks off at 7:30 pm (US Eastern Time), but we'll be broadcasting beginning around 7:15. The evening's proceedings should last somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes.


Those of you already familiar with the Igs should check out our interview with the Ceremony's founder and master of ceremonies, Marc Abrahams. For even more info on the Igs, check out the Ceremony's website.

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The Opening act by Keromin was incredible. Also I like returning Ig Nobel Dr Elena Bodnar for her 7 words explanation "You really don't want to be teased" (Electro-muscular Incapacitation)