Fox released a bunch of new clips from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, including a better look at the craziest car stunt ever. (The one involving Summer Glau, not the other one.) Shirley Manson seems suitably psychotic and creepy, and I like the banter between Derek Reese and Charley Dixon. (The only quibble: John Connor too pouty.) In general, I'm excited for season two. Click through for more videos. Here's an interview with Summer Glau about the show's weird family, and how she prepares to play Cameron: Shirley Manson talks about how "hard core" her character is: Leven Rambin on playing John's new love interest: Lena Headey on being Sarah Connor: Garret Dillahunt on being the bad Terminator: Thomas Dekker on John Connor's relationships and burdens: Brian Austin Green on being the weird uncle, Derek Reese: A little primer on the show so far: The cast goofs off at a photo shoot: