Watch Steven Moffat and Karen Gillan give a "Doctor Who Masterclass"

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Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and co-star Karen Gillan gave a "Doctor Who Masterclass" last week at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, and the video of the whole session is now online. [Media Guardian via BenWerd on Twitter]


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I understand the endless desire to fawn over this woman ("Oh she's so hot" "legs for days" etc) and she is a good actress, very good in fact, but to me she's the weakest link of the new series. She's not my least favorite companion, that's a tie between second season Rose and first half season 4 Donna (Donna grew on me fast after about episode 4 or 5)

And... I'm going to get flak for this... she's just not that hot, she doesn't have great legs for days, her accent is only somewhat charming. If we are comparing her to other companions, then sure, but in general? Please guys, stop fapping and open your eyes. She's cute, adorable even, definitely pretty, but she's no bombshell.

I will disagree on one main thing though. She IS a good actress. I keep hearing that she only has one emotion and that is utter crap. She has range and she has skill. She actually only becomes more interesting to me as an individual when she's with Rory. Every other time she shows great chemistry with Matt Smith but I always feel like he's carrying her. But let me stress, it's not her acting, I think it's the way she's written that makes her a weak link.

Everything I've said has nothing to do with the topic at hand. I don't know her history with Who enough to say whether she should have anything to teach in a Master class. But... as a character embedded within the Who universe, she has plenty to say.