Watch Star Wars Rebels Go Into Jedi Hyperspace With This Astonishing New Trailer

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And you thought those trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens were good? The latest one for Star Wars Rebels gives those a serious run for their money, with three minutes of insane action, jaw-dropping teases and plenty of connections to the Star Wars universe as a whole.

Be aware though. This trailer for the second half of season two is certainly spoiler-filled. But it’s a trailer, and nothing is explicitly spelled out. It just teases.

There’s so much to discuss here. Things such as the appearance of Princess Leia, the return of Yoda, Ahsoka Tano reminiscing about Anakin and even facing off with his latest incarnation, Darth Vader. There seem to be more Inquisitors in there, Ezra is becoming strong with the Force, who is the “old master?” So much stuff.


And yet, is it too much? A few short years after Rebels takes place, Princess Leia and her friends are blowing up the Death Star without a Jedi in sight. Is everything that Ahsoka, Kanan and Ezra are going through going to be all for naught? It feels like this trailer is very heavy on the Jedi, The Force and Jedi mythology.

Plus, Ezra holds a cross guard lightsaber much like the one Kylo Ren has in The Force Awakens. Is this something the “Old Master” shows Ezra? We’re obviously supposed to make a visual connection to Episode VII. But we know from the new canon that while Kylo’s saber is the first we’d seen that looks like that, it’s a very ancient design. Rebels is going deep, and we can’t wait.

Star Wars Rebels returns on January 20.

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