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Watch Spike Jonze's Robot Love Fable "I'm Here" Online

Illustration for article titled Watch Spike Jonzes Robot Love Fable Im Here Online

In Spike Jonze's 30-minute short movie "I'm Here," two adorable robots fall for each other...and fall apart for each other. You can now watch the entire flick online. Just don't be surprised if your optical circuits begin leaking tear formula.


We previously noted that I'm Here had made its debut at Sundance. Since then, this fun cinematic nugget has been posted in its entirety online by Absolut. Unfortunately, only a limited number of viewings are allotted per day (/film claims Absolut's allowing 700 daily views), but you probably won't have a problem if you sneak a viewing in during your lunch break.

As far as the movie goes, it has all the Jonze trademarks - beautiful low-budget special effects; bus rides, giant prosthetic heads, and crutches straight out of his video for Daft Punk's "Da Funk"; sunsets and a ton of sepia. Highly recommended.


Watch it here.

[via Slashfilm]

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Corpore Metal

Look, I know it's a sort of romance story thing and it would be unfair of me to view it through a serious science fictional lens but I gotta ask these questions:

Why is the galbot all swoopy, rounded with hair and stuff?

Would robots even have secondary sexual characteristics that humans would recognize?

I look at the robots in the real world and they seem about as sexual as a box of shelf brackets, would sapient robots even be female, male, straight or gay? Or would they be genders and sexual orientations that we haven't even thought of yet?

Just asking because, I'm kinda tired of this cliche and trope.