Watch Rocker Scott Ian Get a Full Game of Thrones White Walker Makeover

Scott Ian is best-known for being the guitarist for thrash metal titans Anthrax. But he’s also a huge genre fan, evidenced by his Nerdist video series, Bloodworks—which goes behind the scenes to explore the wonderfully gruesome special effects and make-up that make shows like Game of Thrones come alive.

The most recent episode of Bloodworks sees Ian getting an up-close look at an authentic White Walker costume alongside the show’s prosthetic makeup designer, Barrie Gower, who recalls what it was like working on the incredible battle in season five’s standout battle episode, “Hardhome.”

Then, we see Ian (wearing a John Carpenter t-shirt) getting a full White Walker visage applied: pale, wrinkly face; gnarly blue contact lenses; a costume that Gower points out resembles samurai armor; and Ian’s own trademark chin beard, which actually fits perfectly into the look.


(Note: Contains NSFW language)


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Ian was also played a zombie on TWD: