Watch Robert Picardo 'Sing' the Star Trek: Voyager Theme in the Middle of the Woods

Robert Picardo as the Doctor.
Robert Picardo as the Doctor.
Image: CBS

Here’s quick jolt of joy for your afternoon.

Robert Picardo, formerly of Star Trek: Voyager, has a lot of fun on his YouTube channel, reciting old monologues, making in-jokes about Brent Spiner, and wandering around the woods like a National Geographic reality star. In his latest video, he puts his vast musical skills to their ultimate test. In honor of the show’s theme song composer, Jerry Goldsmith, Picardo takes the time to “sing” his version of the Voyager theme, all while spinning around in the woods. Truly, he’s taking this year about as well as anyone else.

In the earlier episodes of this series, “Technobabble Al Fresco,” Picardo performs some of his monologues from Voyager, recreating his role as the eloquent AI doctor in exotic locations and patterned shirts, a juxtaposition that really does not get old.


May all Star Trek actors maintain as much delightful energy as Picardo has on YouTube. To get some current Trek, watch Discovery on CBS All Access.

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Maybe my favorite of the themes and opening credits. And thats a photo finish with the others coming in a very close second. Except for you Enterprise, you never make it out of the gate.