Over at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, a group of artists from GroovLabs are building a giant, playable Rubik's Cube as part of the museum's "Puzzle Palooza," starting October 1. There is truly nothing more magnificent than this Cube.


Artist Mike Tyka, who is working on the project, told io9:

A particularly interesting feature is that we have split the controls into 3 stations placed around the cube, each allowing only one axis of rotation. This means 3 people have to collaborate together to solve it. The stations are ~30-50 ft apart from each other.

This makes the puzzle *considerably* harder. The current record solution time is 50 minutes (achieved on Friday night at Burning Man 09). It also turns a very introverted game into a collaborative challenge which is fun to watch. Imagine people shouting instructions to each other and running around checking on the state of the cube from different angles.

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Here's the original "Groovik's Cube," at Burning Man in 2009. This Cube was 35 feet across, and many who attended the event say it was a glowing beacon to everyone living in the instant city.

Photo of the Cube at Burning Man by Matthew Engelbrecht

(Thanks for the tip, Brady!)


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