Watch Peggy Carter Interrogate Agents of SHIELD's Hydra Leader

If there are two things I really love about season 2 of Agents of SHIELD, they are 1) How it's tying itself into the history of SHIELD and 2) Reed Diamond as Hydra head Daniel Whitehall. Behold, a clip from Tuesday's episode with both of those things.


I'm going to be pretty sad when Diamond's character is inevitably defeated and killed. (Not a spoiler, just speculation.) He's following in Bill Paxton's steps as an actor playing evil with clear joy. And not a small amount of menace.

And every glimpse we get of Hayley Atwell makes me want Agent Carter to be on the air right now. Which is excellent promotion for the show, but puts me in the awkward position of eagerly awaiting Agents of SHIELD's hiatus.

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Bring Back Duckman!

It's just scary how many Nazis were allowed to live on American soil simply because they were either scientists or "intelligence assets" against the communists. If only Agent Carter knew, but reality is always more shocking than fiction.