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Watch Out When Batman Offers To Feed You His "Bat-Milk"

Joel Schumacher didn't actually make the worst Batman movie of all time - that honor belongs to Alyas Batman En Robin, the 1993 Bat-movie made in the Philippines. Here, Batman takes a plucky reporter inside the Bat-garage and offers Bat-drinks.

This movie is incredibly hard to track down, but we managed it. A few other clips are also on YouTube, including a bizarre musical number involving the Joker and the Penguin (one of a few in the movie):

The movie's weird trailer:

And the movie's ultra-weird final scene, where Batman, Robin, the Joker and the Penguin share a special dance, along with a dancing little person in a Spider-Man costume:


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I dunno. I fell asleep thru Schumacher's Batman/men movie.

This is awful, but not boring.