My new favorite zombie movie is Hell's Ground, billed as the "first Pakistani splatter flick." Anyone who has watched Urdu vampire and ghoul movies knows that's not true, but let's just say that it's the first such flick that makes references to Blair Witch and Night of the Living Dead as much as it does to local myth. What I love about this movie, aside from the fact that its protagonists switch effortlessly from English to Urdu, are the over-the-top insano death sequences. Plus, as you can see in these two scenes, we get a traditional horror movie lesson: Naughty kids who get stoned are doomed to run out of gas in a dark forest, stumble on a haunted workshop, and get stalked by a really pissed off chick in a blood-soaked burqa. If you're one of those United Staters, and you're looking for something to do on July 4, this is the perfect flick to watch. It really says, "Happy Birthday, USA!" [Hell's Ground official website]


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