Watch Nikola Tesla's robot gear up in the preview for Atomic Robo: Last Stop

Atomic Robo, Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener's Eisner-nominated comic about Nikola Tesla's paranormal-battling automaton, is receiving the cartoon treatment. Animation studio The Fictory has unveiled a teaser for Atomic Robo: Last Stop, an animated film based on the bot's exploits.

Here's The Fictory's description of the film:

Atomic Robo: Last Stop will be a fully animated extension of the already vast Atomic Robo universe. This new short film will bring fan favorite characters to life in a traditionally produced, digital animation. "While Atomic Robo: Last Stop isn't a direct adaptation, we've paid very close attention to the Graphic Novels and are determined to stay as true to the subject material as humanly possible. People love Robo too much for me to try and mess with the formula," said director Joseph W. Krzemienski.

According to Fictory, the short is due sometime in 2010. Here's hoping that it includes a cameo from Atomic Robo's firearm-toting saurian foe Dr. Dinosaur (but I'm not banking on it).

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[Fictory via Newsarama]

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I've only ever been vaguely aware of this series. Is it a webcomic or in-hand comic, and where can I read/purchase it?