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Watch Nicki Minaj throw a sexy party on the set of Lost

We never really know what to think about Nicki Minaj's theatrics. And now that she's released her latest music video for "Starships," we've stopped trying.


Filmed on what could be the set of Lost — thank you for pointing that out, Vulture — this video has Minaj beam down from her spaceship and rap about going to the beach with a group of bowler-hatted dancers. You know, summer stuff! Like her style, the video is colorful and fun, but I'm just desperate for Minaj to do one linear music video. Even Gaga's Bad Romance appeared to have a little story tucked in there.

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I really really REALLY wanna hate her music but every time one of her new songs comes out It's super catchy and I can't help but get it stuck in my head. Maybe I need help.