Watch Netflix's New Ultraman Transform in This Glorious Anime Clip

Shinjiro transforms into one of Japan’s most famous heroes.
Gif: Ultraman

We’re getting closer and closer to the dawn of a new era for Ultraman—not the iconic Japanese hero’s latest live action series, but instead the arrival of his surprisingly gorgeous-looking 3D anime series, set to arrive on Netflix in a few weeks. But while we count down to Ultraman’s latest form, here’s a rad clip to tide you over.


Whether it’s a Sentai squad, a Kamen Rider, a Metal Hero, or the legendary Ultraman himself and a zillion other stars, the transformation sequence is a huge part of any Tokusatsu series—and the new Ultraman anime from Production IG appears to be no exception. Netflix Japan has shared a new clip from the series (itself adapted from the Ultraman manga by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi) that shows what looks like one of the first times, if not the first time, our new hero Shinjiro Hayata transforms into Ultraman and charges into battle.

It’s a lovely sequence, evocative of poses and shots reminiscent of Ultraman’s past (the camera panning overhead to draw in on Sinjiro’s eyes and replicate the famous “rise” shot of Ultramen growing to vast sizes to fight Kaiju is especially nice). But we also get a tiny little taste of a scrap, and while brief, it promises some really fun bits of action in this show.

We can’t wait—and we won’t have to for much longer. Ultraman hits Netflix worldwide starting April 1.

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Isn’t Ultraman supposed to be.....bigger?

Like, “Empire State Building”-sized?