Looking for work? Have a math, science, or engineering degree? NASA's posted a job listing you should really have a look at. Oh, and I almost forgot: you should also be open to the idea of space travel.

Every 2-4 years, NASA recruits a new crop of astronauts to add to its corps of highly trained spaceflyers, who prepare to conduct missions on the International Space Station. On Tuesday, the Agency began accepting applications for its 21st class of astronauts.


And according to NASA chief Charlie Boden, individuals selected in this pool of recruits will not only get to spend time on the ISS (getting to and from the station via new models of commercial spacecraft); they'll also be among the first spaceflyers to leave low Earth orbit since the Apollo program:

"Some of the astronauts we're recruiting today will be pioneers in our missions to make the first footprints on the surface of Mars," said Boden in a briefing on Tuesday.

That's right, folks, NASA's looking for Marsonauts.

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