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Watch Michael Keaton Slip On Ken Doll's Short-Shorts For Toy Story 3

Watch the first ever Toy Story 3 clip, featuring Michael Keaton as the resident Ken Doll, complete with stylish ascot and shorts. Plus, we've rounded up all 14 of the film's new toys into one gallery and picked our favorite.

First off, getting Keaton to do this voice was sheer brilliance, it's hilarious and makes Ken's campy ensemble just a little more... gruff. Also, we're so glad there's finally a Ken doll in the toy box — it's about time Barbie found a good man.


A few months back, Pixar revealed that there would be 14 new toys in Toy Story 3. We went back and grabbed all the posters and put them into one gallery. Since the third film is set in a day care center, where the toys are mistakenly donated, most of the new toys are aimed at a younger set of kids. But they still take us right down memory lane — especially the Chatter Telephone and the makeshift Glo Worm. Still, we think Trixie the triceratops, voiced by Kristen Schaal, might be our favorite.

Watch the clip in HD or download the trailer over at Apple. Toy Story 3 will be released in theaters June 17th.

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Heh. Nice subtlety of adding Keaton's chin to Ken.