Watch me terrify myself with my own explosion

You know in movies when you know there is going to be a jump-scare, and then it happens, and you get scared anyway? This happens in less than two minutes in this video. In two minutes I make an explosion in a bottle, explain what's going to happen, and then freak right out when it happens like I said it would.

This is a basic bottle experiment which is just as scary and as easy as it looks. All you need to do is put a little rubbing alcohol in a bottle, shake it around so that the bottle interior is coated with alcohol, pour out the extra (important!), and hold a match just above the neck of the bottle. The fumes inside with immediately flare up into a very cool fireball.

I was expecting, perhaps, less of a sudden fireball, which explains why I freak right the hell out when it happens. It's fun seeing Annalee trying to contain her laughter at it, though. Good stuff!


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Esther Inglis-Arkell

What's funny is my reaction was "Holy crap," which I didn't know would be bleeped. That seems pretty tame for a bleep, am I right?