Evangelical director Tim Chey is taking the Devil for everything. An Australian law student sues Satan (Malcom McDowell) for 8-trillion dollars. Watch as Satan goes to court, wears sunglasses indoors, slaps his attorney, and is blamed for escalating gas prices.

Why is Satan responsible for sky-rocketing gas prices? We're not really sure, but we're sure the prosecuting attorney will explain it all. The official name of the film is Suing The Devil. The flick also stars Tom Sizemore as Tony 'The Hip' Anzaldo, but we've yet to see him in any of the footage.

Here's a collection of totally insane clips in which the law student tries to prove that Satan is real and controls all the big oil companies — it's a gold mine of evil antics. This was a role McDowell was born to play, this movie is a calamity of clichés, and we're guzzling it down like sacramental wine. Devil horn fist bump!


And here's one more clip:

The film is currently on tour across America — check their facebook page for local screenings and director signings. It's supposed to get a wide release in August, too.