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Watch Mad Scientist Neeson Play With Christina Ricci's "Undead" Body

If everyone thinks you're dead, what's to stop Liam Neeson from burying you alive? At least that's what this mad-scientist funeral director tries to pull with Christina Ricci, after she wakes up. Check out After.Life's first trailer.

Christina Ricci plays Anna, a girl who suffers from a tragic accident and wakes up in Eliot Deacon's funeral home, Neeson. He tells her she's dead, and that he is the only one that can see her. Meanwhile he keeps the girl as a prisoner in his workplace, all the while convincing her that she's stuck the afterlife. But Paul, played by Justin Long, thinks she may be still alive. Is she alive, is she dead, or is she a horrific science experiment gone wrong?


The film, which hit a few festivals already, is getting a bigger release this April.

[via Apple]

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Last night I saw the A-team and the Clash of the Titans trailer, and now this one. Liam Nesson is really coming back strong, eh? He looks like a jerk in all those three trailers too. I suppose he has some negative emotions to evacuate after what happened to his wife. Poor guy. Well, at least, he does it while entertaining people. All my sympathy, Mr. Nesson.