Watch Live: You Know You Wanna Chat About the Game-Changing Westworld Ending

William’s face reflects our faces.
William’s face reflects our faces.
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Westworld has ended its fascinating but confusing second season with an episode that closed a lot of doors, opened a few windows, and changed its own game entirely with a closing scene that we have to talk about. In this season’s last episode of TheoryWorld, io9's Beth Elderkin and Gizmodo social editor Joe Tonelli chat about what we learned, everything we don’t know, and the biggest theories about those final moments. Join the debate! Discussion points below.


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Welcome to the Maze! Here are the reveals, theories, and wild ideas Joe and I are talking about for the last TheoryWorld chat of season two:

1. Who’s in those host balls Halores smuggled out of Westworld?

2. Is Stubbs a host, and has he been this whole time?

3. Who’s coming back next season?

4. If humans can’t change their core drive, can hosts?

5. What’s next for Dolores, and why does she want Bernard there?

6. What the hell did we just witness in the post-credits scene, and what does it mean for the show going forward?

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So first off I would have missed that post-credits scene if a friend hadn’t read that it exists. It’s kinda lame that we’re doing that with TV shows now, but oh well. Anyways, from what I surmised from the show, and then later researching in Westworld subreddit, here are some points about that scene:

  • It happens in the distant future, after the human William has been dead a long time.
  • Everything we saw William experiencing this season was real, right up to where he injures his hand, and possibly even enters the elevator.
  • We see William alive getting evacuated from the island with other survivors, so we know he didn’t die in the park (or DID HE?!).
  • It seems that William’s brain/consciousness was uploaded to a host the same way Delos was, but his “fidelity” test starts with him entering the elevator after losing half his hand. So just like Delos, William is trying to “live forever” through a host, but just like Delos, it appears he’s rejecting his host body, considering how many times that fidelity test has happened already.
  • The real William did kill the real Emily (his daughter) in the park, and the one in the lab is a host (she refers to him as “William” instead of a lab.
  • William asks “Am I in the thing?” (a great line) because he’s aware that this was the plan for after his death.

So my main question is: how far in the future is this? Near future? Hundreds of years? More? Is it a future where humans have been destroyed, and hosts are now trying to recreate humans for some reason? I’m really curious how the host-William story line ties in with next season, but I also expect that human-William will still have a part to play back in the real world. We know how much the writers of this show love timeline-jumping!