Watch Live: Westworld's Body Snatch Invasion Makes Us Question Who's Really in Control Here

Wild, wild, Westworld.
Photo: HBO

The hosts are rebelling!... are they, though? Westworld’s season two game-changer was full of big shootouts and angry Teddy faces. But it also brought about a character choice so shocking that it challenges everything we know about the robot uprising. Join io9's Beth Elderkin and Gizmodo social editor Joe Tonelli as they chat about the show’s views of “free will,” and why Delos’ security guards might be the next stormtroopers. Join the debate! Discussion points below.


Join us in the Maze! Here’s what Joe and I are chatting about today:

1. What does Robert Ford want to do with all that guest data? Are his goals the same as Delos, or is he working toward his own end?

2. Do you support Ford’s choice to put his consciousness in Bernard’s mind?

3. Given how Ford forces himself into Bernard’s mind, does he respect hosts as independent beings or not? How does Ford view the hosts and his role in their lives?


4. Do the hosts actually have “free will,” or is Ford still controlling them?

5. What is the Key and what lies in the Valley Beyond?

Check out our live discussion and let us know your thoughts below.


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