Watch Live: We Debate the Strangest Westworld Theory Yet

I think I’ve got you figured out, William (Ed Harris).
I think I’ve got you figured out, William (Ed Harris).
Image: HBO

The latest episode of Westworld was one of the finest we’ve gotten on the series so far. Directed by showrunner Lisa Joy, it confirmed one ongoing fan theory, only to have the door blown wide open on another. io9's Beth Elderkin and Gizmodo social editor Joe Tonelli discuss whether William’s game is bigger than we ever could’ve realized. Join the debate! Discussion points below.

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Join us in The Maze! Here’s what Joe and I are chatting about today:

1. We’ve gotten confirmation that Delos was trying to replicate the human consciousness in a robot, using company founder James Delos (Peter Mullan) as a test subject. Why do we think the experiment failed, and what will it take to make it a success?

2. What’s Peter Abernathy’s connection to what’s going on with James Delos? Peter’s got the same code in his head, what did Charlotte put in there?

3. Whose “brain” did Bernard create while under (seemingly Ford’s) control?

4. Okay, what’s up with this timeline? (that’s kind of evergreen)

5. Perhaps the biggest question of all, one I never thought I’d be seriously asking on this show: Is William a host now?


Check out our live discussion and let us know your thoughts below.

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I think the mundane answer to the question of the red pearl or the processing doohickey is that it’s Arnolds persona. There are some indications of this, particularly in the quivering of Bernard’s hand. The audience attributes this to his injury but it’s also a symptom he shares with the Jim Delos replica.

More far fetched for me is that it contains Logan’s persona. This is completely selfish not because Logan was that appealing a character and doesn’t have an end that’s fitting to him but rather because Ben Barnes was bigger than the role he played and I enjoyed seeing this actor having fun with this guy.

Technically, it could be Ford, but I think there is a different outcome possible if so. Most would speculate that it was Ford who was killed at the end of season 1 and now presume that Ford would have escaped the clutches of death through the red pearl boondoggle we are now becoming familiar with.

An alternative, and one which I had fixated on at the end of last season much for the same reasons I would like to see Ben Barnes continue as Logan, is that it was actually Ford’s replica that was shot in the head by Dolores, not Ford. I just enjoyed seeing Anthony Hopkins play this character and any chance to see him come back would be welcome.