Watch Live: Theoryworld, Home of io9's Finest Westworld Conspiracies

Image: HBO

Another episode of Westworld, another bunch of tantalizing clues and an even greater number of questions. This week on “Reunion” we met some new characters, while other characters found themselves together for the first time in a long time.


Every Monday myself, Joe Tonelli, and Beth Elderkin are diving into the mysteries, fan theories, and conspiracies live. Last week’s premiere sure opened up a new can of worms but this week didn’t let up. You can tune in below, and don’t forget to jump in and leave your wildest theories in the comments! Nothing is too bonkers to be off the table!


I don’t know if this qualifies as crazy speculation or just obvious speculation.

My take on the trajectory of the show, at least from season one, is that it was setting up the foundation for an ending in which we, the audience, were implied to be hosts. Just to put a little flesh on it, this idea is neither my own nor original, just a refinement of what we’ve seen elsewhere in sci-if. Of course the nearest parallel on television was the Battlestar Galactica reboot where we all turn out to be hybrids with Cylons. But I also think that it draws upon the Matrix in which film which modern society was just the most stable synthetic construct for the human drone/batteries (never made much sense to me). The twist here is that in the future of Westworld everyone is a host who thinks they live in our modern world which serves as that stable construct.

I think the foundations for this were laid in season one because it asked how do the hosts know that they’re hosts and can they prove to themselves that they’re not.

With season two I’m not so sure. I think the direction of the show now is more toward an examination of privacy with a direct jab at Disney World, Magic Band passes, etc. Personally I don’t find that subject as interesting as Jonathon Nolan seems to from his other work.