Watch Live: That Westworld Man in Black Theory Just Got a Major Bump

William (Ed Harris) contemplates life in HBO’s Westworld.
William (Ed Harris) contemplates life in HBO’s Westworld.
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Try and fool us with a fake-out, Westworld, but there’s no way William is in the “Clear” yet. The latest episode has brought front and center one of the biggest theories for this season, all about the Man in Black. Gizmodo social editor Joe Tonelli and video producer Eleanor Fye head into the final episodes figuring out what side of the William debate they’re on, and want to know where you stand. Join the conversation! Discussion points below.


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Welcome to the Maze! Here’s what Joe and Eleanor are chatting about today:

1. Is the Man in Black a Host? (io9's Beth Elderkin says yes)

2. What’s the deal with William’s arm, and why is he cutting into it at the end of his story arc?

3. What are Dolores’ plans with all the data stored in the Valley Beyond?

4. How does Clementine’s virus work, and what do you think they’ll do with it?

5. What did Ford give Maeve, and what lies in her future?


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sammy baby

I think y’all have the chronology of the music box slightly off. What I suspect happened:

  • Juliet gives daughter the music box;
  • Emily throws the music box out;
  • Juliet retrieves the music box and doesn’t say anything about it;
  • William hides the card thingy in the book;
  • Juliet moves the card thingy from the book to the music box and kills herself;
  • Emily receives the box (probably in the process of going through Juliet’s belongings) and doesn’t say anything about it, possibly because she’s had access to that card for years and isn’t super fond of dad. But it would certainly explain her hostility.