Watch Live: It's Time to Figure Out What's Actually Behind 'The Door' in Westworld

“I believe there is a door.”
“I believe there is a door.”
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Westworld gave us one of its best episodes ever with “Kiksuya,” as well as some much-needed clues about this season’s theme: The Door. io9's Beth Elderkin and Gizmodo social editor Joe Tonelli discuss all the theories about the Door—some credible, others not so much—and a new theory about a surprising connection between Hosts and animals. Join the debate! Discussion points below.

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Welcome to the Maze (something that’s finally been explained, thanks to this incredible episode)! Here’s what Joe and I are chatting about today:

1. How does The Maze work? Were Hosts like Ake programmed to read meaning into it, or did he do it on his own?

2. How and when did Ake “wake up,” and do you believe he’s achieved consciousness?

3. We’ve learned more about the Valley Beyond and all the data it stores about human guests. So, what is the Door, what’s its place in the Valley Beyond, and where will the door lead?


4. Have Hosts been programmed to see some Hosts as animals—and if so, why?

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What I’m curious about with animal hosts is if they share the same cores as human hosts. Sadly, I would think the producers would answer no and simply say that they possess different.

In principle though a host animal could achieve self consciousness if equipped with the same core which would be unsettling for almost everyone involved.

This could lay the groundwork for some interesting spinoffs of Westworld. I imagine one entitled “Mr. Ed.”